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Iron Maiden - Skellige

Iron Maiden Quest Start

Area: Skellige
Location: East of Harviken
Quest Giver: Jutta
Other Requirements: N/A

This quest begins by visiting the location Jutta holds her fights east of Harviken (map location is below). Upon approaching her you'll be entered into dialogue with her and she'll scoff at you, not recognizing who you are (despite commenting on Yennefer loving you if you wait around long enough). To fight her you'll first need to accomplish a specific task and prove you're worthy enough.

You can technically complete these tasks prior to having fought Jutta but she still will not recognize you. Also, if you've completed one of the tasks on this list she'll just give you a different one. The only task you can accomplish which will have Jutta recognize you is completing Fists of Fury: Skellige by defeating Olaf.

Here are a list of each of the tasks that Jutta will ask you to accomplish for her:

- Defeat Einar in Harviken
- Defeat Gundar in Harviken
- Free Trottheim of the slavers (Flesh for Sale Quest)
- Recover Horned Huskuld's Sword

- Defeat Olaf in Fists of Fury: Skellige

The task Jutta asks you to accomplish is randomly chosen amongst the first four listed tasks. She'll never ask you to defeat Olaf, just recognize you if you have. Below I have included a little bit of info about each task and what you'll have to do for each one.

Iron Maiden Map Locations
Map location of Jutta.

Tip: In the same area you find Jutta and the Iron Maiden quest, you'll find a cave with the Diagram: Feline Silver Sword - Mastercrafted.

Defeat Einar: This is a fistfight and part of the Fists of Fury: Skellige quest. Beating him is like winning any other fistfight in the game.

Defeat Gundar: This is a sword fight, one that's tougher than most regular opponents too. You'll be unable to use Signs or any Bombs/Crossbows during this fight, just your sword. Also stepping outside of the arena will fail the event, so try to stay within the ring.

Free Trottheim: Complete the quest Flesh for Sale which takes place in Trottheim.

Recover Horned Huskuld's Sword: Directly west of Faroe Isle (the one the Iron Maiden quest takes place on) search the Smugglers Cache for this weapon.

Once you've completed the task Jutta asks you to complete return to her and speak with her to begin your fight. I highly recommend saving before fighting her as it's easier than you'd think to fail this quest and you don't get a second shot. During your fight with her do NOT use any Signs, Crossbow, Bombs or Potions otherwise she'll claim it was not a fair fight and you'll lose/fail the quest. Also don't leave the ring.

Upon defeating her there will be a scene during which she asks you to go to her house sometime later than 8pm - refusing will fail the quest. When you visit she'll romance you, choose whichever options you want - sleeping with her won't affect your relationship with either Yennefer or Triss so do whatever you want.








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