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Novigrad: Closed City II - Novigrad

novigrad closed city II

Area: Novigrad
Location: Novigrad
Quest Giver: Bandits
Other Requirements: Don't stray too far from the quest area otherwise you'll fail.

This quest begins in a small area just northwest of Hierarch Square of Novigrad (check map below). You'll hear two bandits calling you over who ask you for help tracking their friend (pictured above). There is another version of this quest called Novigrad: Closed City which is begun by speaking with Lissi, another NPC in another part of town.

For this quest you will need to follow the footprints/scent to a Witch Hunter that is lying on the ground a bit west of St. Gregory's Signpost in the north-central portion of Novigrad.

Note: Getting to far away from this quest area will fail the quest.

Novigrad Closed City II Map

At the end of the trail you'll discover a Witch Hunter who is wounded in the corner. You'll learn that the bandits used you to track down someone they wanted to kill, so you'll now have a choice. Either leave the Witch Hunter to his fate or fight the bandits on his behalf.

If you decide to fight the bandits then you will be given an additional choice after - help the Witch Hunter or leave him. Note: The only way to successfully complete this quest is to defeat the bandits and agree to help the Witch Hunter. Once the quest is complete you'll be at a hospital - return to the scene of the crime to loot the bandits if you wish.








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