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Novigrad: Closed City - Novigrad

Novigrad closed city I Start

Area: Novigrad
Location: Novigrad
Quest Giver: Lussi (St Gregory's Bridge)
Other Requirements: N/A

This quest begins by speaking with Lussi on the bridge north of St. Gregory's Bridge Signpost in northern Novigrad. If you are looking for the walkthrough for Novigrad: Closed City II instead of this quest follow the link. The two quests are related, but #2 takes place to the south and is started by speaking with two bandits.

For this version of the quest the first thing you'll have to do is follow Lussi to a house where there will be two Witch Hunters waiting for you. Defeat them and then speak with her to find out that she basically lead you into an ambush. To apologize she'll give you a key to a treasure and tell you to find 3 in all.

Witch Hunters Warrant

Loot the Warrant from one of the two Witch Hunters and read it to continue with this quest. There will be two locations marked on your map of the two other keys, both of these locations are shown on the screen shot below as is Novigrad: Closed City II.

The northern most quest marker is known as Fritz House and the southern quest marker near the docks area is Walter. Scroll down to those parts of my guide for more information about each of them - it doesn't matter what order you do them in.

Novigrad closed city map locations


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Fritz's House

Novigrad Closed City Fritz House

You'll find Fritz's house very close to where Triss was living in Novigrad. In the same area you'll find a wooden staircase that leads up to a small platform made out of wood as well as the entrance to a door (pictured above). This is Fritz's house, inside you'll find his body which Geralt will deduce has been dead for awhile.

Light the torch on the second floor of this house to open up the secret door where you'll find a desk and a dresser. Inside the dresser is the safe which requires 3 keys and on the desk is where you'll find Fritz's key.

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Wallter Location

When you arrive you'll find Wallter banging on the door to a house. Shortly after a group of Witch Hunters will attack and try to kill Wallter - you can defend him or let him die/kill him yourself. Either way you'll get the Key you need from his body or a thank you for saving him.

Once you've obtained both keys just return to Fritz's house and open the treasure chest to complete the quest. You'd imagine that it would be a bunch of crowns but instead inside of the treasure chest is a random batch of crafting materials. Nothing even truly unique.








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