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The Professor's Protege - Wyvern (Verinas Mart)

Sania Wyvern Quest Start

First Available: Chapter 3
Other Requirements: Complete The Professor's Protege - Gigantoads
Location: Verinas Mart
Rewards: 8,000 EXP & Earth Pendant

This time around you'll find Sania at the Verinas Mart in the Ravatogh region. It's a way out of the way area that you'll probably visit for your first time while doing the Sting Your Praises quest or while doing Vyv's Volcanic Inspiration quest, which takes place in the very same dungeon we're about to visit.

For this version of the quest you'll actually have to head to a dungeon by the name of Rock of Ravatogh. The location to the dungeon is marked on your map and you'll want to ride a Chocobo the entire way here to save time. You'll find the Wyvern a little bit into the dungeon, it's up to you if you'd like to clear the entire dungeon or not.

Wyverns on The Rock of Ravatogh

There is actually a good reason for clearing this dungeon, inside you'll find one of the Royal Arms weapons for Noctis. Even if you don't ever plan to use this weapon it's still useful to grab because while you have it equipped to one of your four slots you'll still get the stats for it.

Additionally, for every Royal Arms you acquire your Armiger ability gets more powerful. For more information about the Royal Arms and where to find them all check out my Royal Arms Locations Guide.












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