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The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword - Lestallum

Vyv Quest Start

First Available: Chapter 3
Other Requirements: Complete A Place to Call Home
Location: Lestallum
Rewards: 4,000 EXP & 20,000 Gil

This is the second to last quest given to you by Vyv in Lestallum, to receive this quest you'll need to turn in A Place to Call Home and complete all previous Side Quests from Vyv. When you accept this quest, a total of four quests will be added to your quest log. In addition to this one you'll receive Leide Imperial Base, Duscae Imperial Base and Cleigne Imperial Base.

For this quest you'll have to complete each of the three other quests added to your log before you're able to turn this quest into Vyv. Each of the three aforementioned quests have you visit a different Imperial Base throughout the world, at each base you'll have to fight some Imperial Soldiers and take a picture to complete the quest.

Note: You will not be able to take any of the required pictures for this quest while it is night out. Make sure you have enough available time before nightfall before heading out to the appropriate quest locations.

If you take the pictures quickly after arriving at each location you'll probably not have to fight any Imperial Soldiers. If you diddle dally and take too long, Imperial Soldiers will attack you shortly after arriving. Keep this in mind! Once you're done return to Vyv and speak with him to turn in the quest.

With this quest completed you'll receive the last one in the chain, The Cursed Canvas.






















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