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A Place to Call Home - Lestallum

Vyv Quest Start

First Available: Chapter 3
Other Requirements: Complete Vyv's Volcanic Inspiration
Location: Lestallum
Rewards: 3,500 EXP; 17,500 Gil & Time Photo Filter

Warning: You can't complete this quest or any of Vyv's quests during the night time because the lighting is too poor to take a picture. Be sure to rest somewhere before heading out to take the Photograph.

Turning in the Vyv's Volcanic Inspiration Side Quest will net you another quest in the chain from him, A Place to Call Home. For this quest you will have to follow a dirt path north of the road that leads to the the imperial blockade east of Hammerhead. In fact, you've been to the same area that this quest takes you to much earlier in the game during Chapter 1, while doing the Ill Tidings quest.

When you approach the quest marker you'll be placed into a linear story area that should already mostly be explored from our visit earlier in the game. The Photo Spot we need to visit is all the way in the back, the same spot we visited earlier in the game for Ill Tidings.

A Place to call home photo location

After completing the quest from Vyv in this area, if you also have The Ever Illustrious Regalia quest from Cindy I would recommend banging that out too before heading back to town. This quest actually takes place in the Crestholm Channels dungeon which is located in this area and depending on what level your team is it may be too hard for you to complete right now. You'll be fighting level 45 - 50 Daemons in that dungeon.








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