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Final Resting Plains - Coernix Station

Dave at Coernix Station

First Available: Chapter 3
Other Requirements: Complete Dust to Dust
Location: Coernix Station
Rewards: 800 EXP & 10 Elixirs

Note: After accepting the quest but before leaving Coernix Station I recommend speaking with the Diner owner. Select "Talk" and you'll have the quest location for this quest marked on your map.

The location we're heading to for this quest is due west of Coernix Station, just south off the road. As far as enemies go there is a pack of Garula beasts nearby but nothing else. You'll find the Dog Tag right next to a small wooden shack in the center of the quest location. It's very difficult to miss.

Once you've obtained the Dog Tag, return to Dave at Coernix Station and turn it in. That's all there is to this quest - easy peasy!










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