A Rocky End - Cauthess Rest Area

Dave at Cauthess Rest Area

First Available: Chapter 3
Other Requirements: Complete Final Resting Plains
Location: Cauthess Rest Area
Rewards: 1,000 EXP & 10 Hi-Elixir

After completing the quest from Dave at the Coernix Station outpost you'll be able to accept the one from him at the Cauthess Rest Area in southern Duscae. For this Dog Tag you'll have to go far to the southwest from where Dave is. Thankfully our destination is right next to a road so you can spend the majority of the travel time for this quest in your car on auto pilot.

The Dog Tags for this version of the quest are pretty well hidden; in the southern most portion of the quest area behind a large rock is where you'll find them. Use the screenshot below if you need additional guidance locating them. Once you've found them, return to Dave and turn the quest in for your reward.

A Rocky End Dog Tag Location

Completion of this side quest will open up the next quest in the chain from Dave which is Swallowed By Shadows.