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Chase That Chocobo - Wiz Chocobo Post

Where the wild chocobos are quest start

First Available: Chapter 3
Other Requirements: Complete A Feathery Feast
Location: Wiz Chocobo Post
Rewards: 2,000 EXP; Valfruit Seeds; O'Ghomoro Berry Seeds; Cieldalaes Pineapple Seeds; Han Lemon Seeds

This quest is much like the Bird on the Brink quest before it, you have to go to a specific location and use a Potion on the Injured Chocobo there. You'll find the Chocobo in the Leide region for this quest, actually in one of the very first areas that we went through in the game.

Unlike last time there will be a group of Shardtooth enemies guarding this Chocobo. The moment you inspect it they'll attack you, dispatch them then use the Potion on the Chocobo to heal it, return to Wiz to turn the quest in. Depending on when you complete this quest, the next one in the chain, Savior of the Species may be unavailable. It'll become availabe during Chapter 7.

Injured Chocobo and Saberclaws









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