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A Meat Most Magnificent - Takka (Hammerhead Station)

How to Accept Quests from Takka

First Available: Chapter 3
Other Requirements: Complete The Aspiring Artisan & Hunter Level 4
Location: Hammerhead Station
Rewards: 3,000 EXP & 5 Allural Shallots; 5 Kettier Ginger; Sizzling Humongo-Steak at Takka's Diner

This is the final quest given to you by Takka in the chain that began with Scenic Delivery, one of the first Side Quests you get in the game. In order to complete this quest you'll need to have completed enough Hunts to reach Hunter level 4; as the item we need for this quest can only be acquired through a Hunt.

For this quest you'll need to accept and complete the Marsh Madness! The Giant Awakens hunt from Coernix Station - Alstor until you're lucky enough for the Catoblepas Meat we're after to drop. Most people report that it takes them three attempts to get it, for me it only took two but I probably got a bit lucky.

A Meat Most Magnificent Hunt

Once you've obtained the Catoblepas Meat you're after all that is left is to return to Takka in Hammerhead and turn in the quest. Completion of this quest will unlock a new meal that Takka serves which you can purchase to learn a new recipe on Ignis as well. It's not the best recipe but it can be useful, it makes it so you have unlimited Stamina (for both sprinting and hanging from Warp-Points during battle).

I like to use the food to AFK and let my team to defeat weaker targets. Basically what I do is Warp to an area in combat that is out of the enemies reach and since I have unlimited Stamina I can hang there for the entire battle. Then I let my party do all of the hard work while I am alt tabbed writing guides like these! Other people out there who wish to do house chores while playing the game - or something of that nature may find this food similarly useful.









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