WWF Smackdown! 2: Know Your Role CodeBreaker/Gameshark Codes (NTSC-U)

This page contains CodeBreaker/Gameshark cheat codes for WWF Smackdown! 2: Know Your Role for the Playstation 1. Depending on if you're playing this game on a physical console or an emulator will determine how you use the codes found on this page. People using a physical console will need to purchase a physical CodeBreaker/Gameshark device to use the codes.

Anyone who is using an Emulator will have a much easier time getting these codes to work (assuming your Emulator supports them). One of the most popular Emulators for the Ps1 is ePSXe and if you'd like to learn how to use the codes on this page for that Emulator, check out my how to get cheat codes to work with ePSXe guide.



All Wrestlers Unlocked Codes

Misc Codes


Match Options Unlocked: 80093886 FFFF

Top Left Unlimited Specials: 800BA5A0 0005

Top Right Unlimited Specials: 800C69A0 0005

Bottom Left Unlimited Specials: 800D2DA0 0005

Bottom Right Unlimited Specials: 800DF1A0 0005



Human Players Unlimited Specials

D00BA4A8 0101
800BA5A0 0005
D00C68A8 0101
800C69A0 0005
D00D2CA8 0101
800D2DA0 0005
D00DF0A8 0101
800DF1A0 0005


Computer Players Use No Specials

D00BA4A8 0000
800BA5A0 0000
D00C68A8 0000
800C69A0 0000
D00D2CA8 0000
800D2DA0 0000
D00DF0A8 0000
800DF1A0 0000


Unlimited Ability Points

D00EB21A AC82
800EB21A 2400
800EB2DA 2400
D00EB39A AC82
800EB39A 2400
D00EAB82 AE50
800EAB82 2400


Characters Unlocked

80093878 FFFF
8009387E FFFF


Entrance Music Unlocked

80093D28 FFFF
80093D2C FFFF


All CAW Parts Unlocked

80092000 FFFF
80092002 FFFF
80092004 FFFF
80092006 FFFF
80092008 FFFF
8009200A FFFF
8009200C FFFF
8009200E FFFF


All CAW Parts Unlocked

50000802 0000
80092000 FFFF


All Wrestlers Unlocked

80093878 FFFF
8009387E FFFF
80093880 FFFF