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Dragon Quest 5 Walkthrough - Chapter 5

Mostroferrato on World Map

In order to advance the story forward in Mostroferrato what you need to do is enter the mansion in the northwestern most portion of town and talk to all of the suitors in line to meet Nera. Speaking with all of them will trigger a scene where Mr. Briscoletti gives you the run down on what you have to do.

There is a Ring of Fire in the Mordor Volcano to the south so you gotta go defeat the evil lord Smeagle to get it. Before leaving Mostroferrato I highly recommend you purchase all of your monsters some equipment and weapons. In this game it is much easier if you cycle through multiple party members instead of choosing a "main four" to play with. Any monsters (or characters) alive and in your wagon still get EXP from fights they don't participate in.

Some Medicinal Herbs would not be a bad idea to purchase before leaving town either since your Hero doesn't have much mana and items that restore mana are limited currently.

Hopefully you took my advice in the previous chapter and got a Slime Knight to join you since he'll be able to heal your group as well. If you missed the Slime Knight earlier then Zoom over to Coburg Castle and run around outside in the open plains until you encounter one. This monster is one you'll be using for the majority of the game since he can do great physical damage and heal.

Volcano on World Map

For this dungeon I strongly recommend you don't use your Sabrecat as the fire damage in here can one shot him; even if he is over leveled, he'll still die. Out of all the dungeons we've done so far this one is by far the largest, thankfully you get to bring your wagon inside which allows you to switch between party members throughout the whole dungeon.

Depending on the levels of your party I would actually recommend you do this dungeon in two or three rotations (or use the health restore point in the dungeon before the boss). Explore it for treasures and learn the dead ends/layout then Evac out and Zoom back to town to rest at the Inn. Return to the dungeon after you do this and finish it. To complete this dungeon you'll need to pick up the Circle of Fire (ring) which is found on a rock platform in a room with a ton of lava (pictured below).

When you interact with the ring you'll be thrown into a battle with 3 Magman enemies. These are the bosses of this dungeon and can be tough if you're under leveled. I recommend Kabuff (increase defense) on your group as well as Kasap (decrease defense) on the enemies. Any other debuffs that you have available like Dazzle will help too. Don't forget that you can select the Wagon icon during battle to switch out party members while you're fighting.

Ring Surrounded by LavaMagman Boss Battle

The Circle of Fire is all you need in this dungeon, return to Mostroferrato once you have it to continue with the story. Speak with Mr. Briscoletti back in Mostroferrato and give him the Circle of Fire, he'll loan you his ship which will allow you to collect the next ring, the Circle of Water.

Sail the ship along the river to the north until you reach a metal gate blocking the river (pictured below). Dock here and enter the village to the northeast, Stockenbarrel. The only thing you need to do in this village is to drop in on Whitey and Bianca and have Bianca agree to help you retrieve the ring.

You'll find Whitey and Bianca's house in the northern most portion of Stockenbarrel, all you need to do is enter the house and walk into Whitey's room. A scene will occur and take over from here. Speak with Bianca's father in the morning then eat breakfast with her and she'll suggest she comes with you to get the Circle of Water.

Stockenbarrel Village on World MapWaterfall Cave With Circle of Water
Sealed off river and Stockenbarrel (left) along with the entrance to the Waterfall Cave (right).

With Bianca in your party you can open the lock on the gate and pass through. Our destination is far to the north, if you follow the rivers north you'll eventually come to the Waterfall Cave (pictured above). Sail the ship inside and there will be a scene with you and Bianca.

Inside of the dungeon you'll have an opportunity to recruit a Cureslime to your party which I strongly recommend you do. This monster comes with and learns many beneficial healing spells and even if you only keep him on your Wagon he'll be of great use to you. While much harder to encounter in this dungeon, getting an orc to join your party would be a big help too since they are a high damage enemy.

The dungeon itself is quite large and there aren't many treasures to find throughout it. You'll find the Circle of Water at the bottom of the cave in a room behind the waterfall (pictured below).

Room behind WaterfallCircle of Water Acquired
The cave entrance (left) where you'll find the Circle of Water (right) at.

Return to Mostroferrato with the Circle of Water in hand and speak with Mr. Briscoletti in the mansion again. He will give you one night to think about who you wish to marry. Due to being forced to make such a challenging decision in a single night your Hero will be unable to sleep (go figure). You'll have to speak with 3 different people to advance the story forward, check my list below.

1. Speak with Mr. Briscoletti at the mansion
2. Speak with Bianca at the villa (south of mansion)
3. Return to the Inn and speak with the Innkeep to return to sleep

You'll have a choice between Nera, Bianca or Debora the following day when it comes to choosing your wife. Debora is only available on the NDS or Mobile versions of this game. Below I will give you a quick run down of each of the wives and what makes them unique.

Bianca: She is the canon wife in the game (aka the girl you're meant to choose) and can use some decent armor and gets spells like Kafrizzle but that's about it.

Nera: Can't use the best equipment nor can she use the best spells. This is the worst wife to choose if you want a practical wife that is useful in battle/gameplay. Party Chat with her isn't the best either, she seems obsessed with you being her husband since that is all she ever talks about.

Debora: I would argue that this wife is most like the Hero in terms of physical capabilities. She also comes with extremely good buff spells like Oomph. This is the best wife to choose if you plan to do post game content since she can equip Hela's Hammer which is great for Metal Slime Hunting.

Dragon Quest 5 Choosing A Wife

After making your choice Mr. Briscoletti will ask you to grab the Wedding Veil from the Stockenbarrel Item Shop as well as some Holy Water if you do not already have any. Return to him with both of these items and the marriage ceremony will begin.

If you choose Nera or Debora you'll have to complete a short side quest prior to being able to continue with the story. Mr. Briscoletti asks that you go to an island west of Stockenbarrel called Pothold, to reach it just dock your ship on the land mass opposite of Stockenbarrel. Once you're here approach the platform and inspect the stone on the ground to reveal a staircase; the urn is at the bottom. Return to Mr. Briscoletti after inspecting the urn and speak with him to complete this part.

Mr. Briscoletti informs you that a ship is waiting for you in Lodestar Harbour which you can sail anywhere you'd like. At this point in time you'll gain access to some of the available side quests in Dragon Quest V as well as an optional town to explore, you have the option to continue with the story or to do the optional stuff. If you'd like to continue with the story skip to the next chapter in my walkthrough.

Pontoon is the first optional place that you will want to go, it's a small tent on the northern most island in the central ocean (pictured below). In the town of Pontoon you'll be able to purchase and trade Casino Medals for different items as well as bet on Slime Races. Take the small boat on the eastern end of town (pictured below) to sail out to The Ventuno Casino. On this boat there will be quite a few goodies for you to find in barrels/dressers.

Pontoon on World MapPontoon Boat to Casino
Town of Pontoon (left) as well as the boat you can ride out to The Ventuno Casino (right).

Our next optional stop is the Knick-Knackatory as well as Dominicus' Dominion. You'll find the Knick-Knackatory on the opposite end (south) of the large central island, much like Pontoon it's found on a very small island with only that building. Inside the Knick-Knackatory you'll meet Old Man Nick Knack who asks you to retrieve an item from Dominicus' Dominion for him.

Knick-Knackatory Items: Mini Medal, 2 T 'n' T Tickets

Dominicus' Dominion Items: Iron Mask, Maxi Medal

For more information about the Knick-Knackatory I recommend you check out my Dragon Quest V Knick-Knacks side quest guide, that will go into much more detail. Additionally, Dominicus' Dominion is where you can turn in your Mini Medals for items. Speak with King Dominicus to exchange your Mini Medals once you've completed the Knick-Knackatory quest. For more information about the Mini Medal side quest, follow the link to that guide.

Tip: If you never got a Cureslime from the previous dungeon I recommend you hunt around Dominicus' Dominion for a little and try to find one. You can encounter Metal Slimes, Cureslimes and many other enemies in this area so it's not to shabby of a place to grind while you look for a Cureslime to join your party. Cureslimes have an extremely low chance of joining your party, I think it is 1 in 64 so you may not get one. A Slime Knight is a good alternative which you can get in the plains around Coburg.

Helmunaptra Map Location

Our next destination is Helmunaptra, a castle in the desert on the southwestern portion of the World Map. The easiest way to get here is to Zoom to the Knick-Knackatory and go to the southwest across the desert. A picture of what you are looking for as well as the map location can be found above.

The first thing you should do after arriving in Helmunaptra is to talk to the guard standing closest to you. He's outside of the town completely and in different armor than what guards wear. He is a messenger from Mr. Briscoletti that will drop a chest for you that contains 2000G.

After that you're free to explore the town and collect all of the goodies. There's nothing in this town you need to do right now for the main story of the game so just explore and gather. When you're ready to continue with the story head to the next part of the guide.

Note: You can also Zoom to Fortuna and purchase a Big Book of Beasts for 1000G from the same person who sold you the previous one as well as the Wagon.




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