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Golden Grasshopper Male and Female Locations with Guide

           The Golden Grasshoppers are found in the central portion of Hyrule Field in the Eldrin Province. You may remember this location from earlier in the game when we had to defeat the Orcs and save the kid while on horseback. These are the same plains where all of that took place.

           This portion of Hyrule Field is home to not only the Golden Grasshoppers but also the Golden Phasmids. One Golden Phasmid is found on 'this side' of the bridge while the other is found further north in the really small portion of Hyrule Field past the bridge. You can reach this location of Hyrule Field by traveling north out of Kakariko Village.

Golden Grasshoppers Map Locations

           If you still need help in locating either of the Golden Grasshoppers worry not! Keep reading for a more detailed step by step walkthrough on where and how to obtain both of the Grasshoppers.

           Additionally players on the Wii HD remake of Twilight Princess should keep in mind that their maps will be reversed from mine since these pictures were taken on the Gamecube version.


Male Golden GrasshopperMale Golden Grasshopper Location

Male Golden Grasshopper Location

           The Male Golden Grasshopper is found in the Eldin Province portion of Hyrule Field just north of Kakariko Village. If you're leaving the northern exit of Kakariko Village you'll come out very close to the Male Grasshopper as well as a Piece of Heart.

           If you look at your map the Male Grasshopper is found nearby a short line on your map which is the destroyed castle wall you see in my screen shot above. The Grasshopper has a tendancy to fly around in this area so he may not be in the same exact location you see for me.

Male Golden Grasshopper Map Location


Female Golden GrasshopperFemale Golden Grasshopper Location

Female Golden Grasshopper Location

           The Female Golden Grasshopper is found on the cusp of Hyrule Field and Castle Town. She is in a wide open area and has a tendancy to fly around so it may take a few minutes of searching to find her if it's currently day for you.

           If you are having trouble locating her while it's daylight you can grab the nearby Piece of Heart while you wait for night or even the Male and Female Golden Phasmids which are a hop skip and a jump away.

Female Golden Grasshopper Map Location






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