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Golden Phasmid Male and Female Locations and Guide

           The Male and Female Golden Phasmids are both found on and around the Bridge of Eldin in the northern portion of Hyrule Field in the Eldin Province. You'll probably remember this area as the same place we had the mini show down with the Orc earlier in the game. The Male is found on the bridge while the female is slightly more north.

           If you have the Shadow Crystal already and the ability to Warp around the overworld at will you can use the Bridge of Eldin portal to arrive literally right inbetween both the Male and Female Golden Phasmids. If you don't have fast travel yet then you'll have to hoof it here with Epona.

Golden Phasmids Map Locations

           If you need a bit more information still than what I have already provided - no problem! Keep reading for a more detailed step by step walkthrough on how to acquire both the Male and Female Golden Phasmids.

           Additionally anyone playing on the Wii should keep in mind that their map will be reversed from what my pictures show. I took these pictures on the Gamecube version of the game.


Male Golden PhasmidMale Golden Phasmid Location

Male Golden Phasmid Location

           The Male Golden Phasmid is found on the southern portion of the Bridge of Eldin. Most commonly he's found on the side of the pillar at the start of the bridge coming from the Kakariko Village side. Unless you ran by and spooked him he typically doesn't fly around very much so you should find him in the same location I did.

Male Golden Phasmid Map Location



Female Golden PhasmidFemale Golden Phasmid Location

Female Golden Phasmid Location           Female Golden Phasmid Snag with Boomerang

           The Female Golden Phasmid is a bit tougher to grab than the Male since you have to position yourself just right to snag her with the Gale Boomerang. If you are coming from Kakariko Village (or the portal on the Bridge of Eldin) you'll find the female to the north in the small northernmost portion of Hyrule Field in Eldin Province.

           In my screen shot above you can see the Female Golden Phasmid on the wall in the distance - as well as a destrictible boulder. I positioned myself just to the side of the boulder and inched forward making sure that I kept the Female Phasmid in view while trying to get close enough to grab her.

           The large boulder gives you a good landmark to help with your positioning. Take a look at my screen shots if you're having trouble grabbing her and need to see where I positioned myself.

Female Golden Phasmid Map Location







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