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Golden Sun Guides and Walkthroughs

Golden Sun is the first installment of a series of role-playing video games developed by Camelot Software Planning and published by Nintendo. It was released in August 2001 for Nintendo's Game Boy Advance, with a Game Boy Advance sequel, Golden Sun: The Lost Age, in 2002. The game is notable for certain unique game elements, such as particular "Djinn" that empower the player and be used against enemies.

The story follows a band of synergy-attuned "Adepts" who are sent from their hometown into the wide world of Weyard to prevent the destructive power of Alchemy from being released as it was in the past. Along the way, the Adepts gain new abilities, help out the local populations, and learn more about why Alchemy was sealed away. Upon its release, the game was highly praised; IGN said that Golden Sun could "arguably be one of the best 2D-based Japanese RPGs created for any system."

Golden Sun Title Screen


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Golden Sun Walkthrough

Venus Lighthouse Statue Arrangement

I wrote a complete walkthrough for Golden Sun which tells you how to beat the entire game from start to finish. Every puzzle in every dungeon is explained - some of which I have even created videos for since that's easier than explaining them through text.

Continue to my Golden Sun Walkthrough (Chapter 1)


Crossbone Isle Walkthrough (Side Quest)

Crossbone Island Golden Sun

Golden Sun only has a single side quest in the entire game - Crossbone Isle. This dungeon consists of 9 floors each with its own unique puzzle that you have to complete to progress. On every floor you'll also find valuable treasures which you can collect - some of which are best in slot items! If you'd like a complete walkthrough for this dungeon (videos included) check out my walkthrough below.

Continue to Crossbone Isle Walkthrough


Golden Sun Djinni Locations & Guide

Fever Djinni Joins Ivan

There are a total of 28 different Djinni for players to collect in Golden Sun. You'll find these Djinni in all different areas throughout the game - there's usually one Djinni per major dungeon and per major town. My guide lists the Djinni in the order they're able to be acquired throughout the game and provides indepth details on how to acquire that Djinni.

Continue reading for more information on where to find all 28 Djinni


Golden Sun - Djinni Combinations & What Classes to make your team

Golden Sun - Djinni Combinations

In Golden Sun the Djinni you use on each of your characters controls the Psyenergy that the character has available to them and how powerful they are. There's a multitude of different classes for you to choose for each of your different Adepts and my guide will go over which classes work best for each Adept.

Continue reading for more information on all the different Djinni Combinations


Golden Sun - How to get Growth, Whirlwind, Frost & other Psyenergy back

Whirlwind Psyenergy Djinni Breeze

It isn't uncommon for people to lose one of the their primary Psyenergies while playing the game. Abilities like Growth, Whirlwind, Frost and others won't always be available to you unless you have the appropriate Djinni equipped onto the correct members of your team.

Let's use Whirlwind as an example. When you first get this ability it's equipped to Ivan, he'll have access to this ability so long as Ivan has primarily Jupiter Djinni equipped to him. Jupiter Djinni are the purple ones, the same type that's equipped on him in the screen shot above. You can either remove the Djinni he has equipped OR place them into Standby mode in order to fulfill the requirement.

The same formula can be used for the other abilities too like Growth and Frost. Use my quick reference list below if you need to regain some Psyenergy for your characters.

For the Frost Psyenergy equip only Mercury Djinni to Mia or place ALL her Djinni on Standby.

For the Growth Psyenergy equip only Mars Djinni to Garet or place ALL his Djinni on Standby.

For the Whirlwind Psyenergy equip only Jupiter Djinni to Ivan or place ALL his Djinni on Standby


Golden Sun Item List

Golden Sun Controls