Golden Capsule Locations & Guide (1 - 5)

Very early on in the game, when you visit Capsule Corporation for the very first time speak with Bulma's father and he'll give you a quest to collect 25 Golden Capsules. These are spread out throughout most of the game and either found as ground spawns (like many of the other Capsules that grant stat boosts) or given to you after completing a side quest of sorts.

After you collect all 25 of them and return them to Capsule Corporation you'll be rewarded with a Golden Capsule that lets you transport out to the world map so long as you're standing outside. It won't work in some places, but it's an extremely convenient item to have with you.

This page has Golden Capsule Locations 1 - 5, in an effort to reduce the amount of pictures you have to load on a single page I've split the guide up into three parts. Follow the links below if you need to see the Golden Capsules shown on those pages instead.


Golden Capsule 6 - 15

Golden Capsules 16 - 25


Golden Capsule #01 - West City (Hercule's Autograph)

Golden Capsule for AutographGolden Capsule for Autograph

Early on in the game when Hercule's float is blocking the path to Piccolo, speaking to him will net you a Key Item called Hercule's Autograph. Just north of the Mayor's Building (also the place Hercule is standing) you'll find a kid wandering around in a grassy area. This is the same kid that's show in my screen shot above. Trade him the autograph for the Golden Capsule.


Golden Capsule #02 West City (By Antique Shop)

Golden Capsule by Antique ShopGolden Capsule by Antique Shop

This Golden Capsule is a piece of cake to get and you can get it your very first time in West City. All you need to do is head over to the Antique Shop and go one screen to the right. You'll find yourself on the same screen with the park that's shown above. You'll just be inside of the closed off area.

Golden Capsule by Antique Shop


Golden Capsule #03 - West City (Near Broken Highway)

West City Near Broken HighwayWest City Near Broken Highway

In the north eastern portion of West City by the broken down highway bridge you'll come across a save point. If you go one screen over to the east you'll find the Golden Capsule that we're looking for.


Golden Capsule #04 - Master Roshi's Island

Master Roshis Island

You can get this Golden Capsule at any time after you gain access to Master Roshi's Island. It's found in the northeastern portion of his island right on the beach.


Golden Capsule #05 Triceratops Jungle (East of Bridge)

Triceratops Jungle Golden CapsuleTriceratops Jungle Golden Capsule

The first Golden Capsule that you come across in the Triceratops Jungle is just east of the bridge that leads you to the village. Instead of traveling south to the screen with the bridge you'll want to go to the west where there's a path that wraps around and goes under the bridge.




Golden Capsule 6 - 15

Golden Capsules 16 - 25