Golden Capsule Locations & Guide (16 - 25)

           This page contains the locations of Golden Capsules 16 - 25 and a bit of information on where you can find it and how. If the Golden Capsule you're looking for isn't on this page then I would recommend returning to my previous page (Golden Capsules 1 - 5) or head to the next page in the guide, (Golden Capsules 6 - 15) depending on which ones you're looking for.



Golden Capsule #16 - Northern Mountains (South of Generator with Dinosaur Eggs)

Northern Mountains South of GeneratorNorthern Mountains South of Generator

           In the far eastern portion of the Northern Mountains area you'll come across a Generator surrounded by a large Dinosaur guarding three eggs. If you've already completed this part of the game then you'll just find the broken Generator here instead. A tad bit south and west of this Generator is where you'll find the Golden Capsule.


Golden Capsule #17 - Northern Mountains (Southeast of Vegeta Gate)

SE of Vegeta Gate Golden CapsuleSE of Vegeta Gate Golden Capsule

           This Golden Capsule is found southeast of the Vegeta Door which is located in the western portion of Northern Highlands. If you need better directions than Vegeta's door, it's southeast of Vinnie's house as well (the guy who blasts music at the top of the cliff).


Golden Capsule #18 - Northern Mountains (West of Vinnie's House)

West of Vinnies HouseWest of Vinnies House

           Just west of the house that's blasting music in the Northern Mountains is where you'll find this Golden Capsule. As seen from the map location you won't be able to get here from Vinnie's house, you have to go west as far as you can first before traveling north.


Golden Capsule #19 (Outside Gingertown by Time Machine)

GC Outside GingertownGC Outside Gingertown Map Location

           In the screen you find the time machine, travel directly southeast and you'll find the Golden Capsule tucked away inside of a little alcove. This one's really easy to find.


Golden Capsule #20 (Inside Gingertown)

Golden Capsule In GingertownGolden Capsule In Gingertown

           Right after you fight Cell with "The Namek" you'll be able to pick this Golden Capsule up. It's found in the northwestern portion of Gingertown, visible from Gohan's level 50 door but unreachable from that area.


Golden Capsule #21 (Outside Gingertown - Claude Bait Quest)

Golden Capsule from ClaudeGolden Capsule from Claude

           This Golden Capsule is rewarded to you after completing a quest given to you by Claude, a man that's in the center of the forested area due west of Gingertown. He's also due south of the large insect carcass you find with Trunks, Bulma and Gohan which used to house Cell.

           If you need further help finding Claude I recommend that you use my map above. Once you've talked to Claude and received the Journal Entry for this quest you'll want to travel to West City to retrieve his fishing bait. From where you land head down one screen and right one screen. If you're lost, use the map location below.

West City Bait for Claude LocationWest City Bait for Claude Location


Golden Capsule #22 (Tropical Islands - 4th Island)

Tropical Islands Golden Capsule LocationTropical Islands Golden Capsule Location

           You'll find this Golden Capsule on the 4th Island of the chain of Islands when you're in control of Vegeta on your way to fight Cell after he absorbs 17. At the top of the fourth island in the chain there'll be a level 30 Vegeta gate. The Golden Capsule is found just southwest of that gate, shown on my map above.


Golden Capsule #23 (Tropical Islands & West City)

Tropical Islands Golden Capsule LocationGolden Capsule Tropical Islands Map Location

           In order for you to acquire this Golden Capsule, you'll need to complete a straight forward side quest that involves talking to a man on the Tropical Islands (Island 4) and then heading back to West City where you'll enter his appartment and pick up the Golden Capsule.

           Once you've acquired the key and have flown to West City, the appartment that we're looking for is in the southeastern portion of the town, use my map below for some better directions.

Apartment A Golden Capsule in West CityApartment A Golden Capsule in West City


Golden Capsule #24 (East District 439)

Golden Capsule East District LocationGolden Capsule East District Location

           This Golden Capsule is found on the otherside of Vegeta's Level 30 Gate in East District 439. You won't be able to obtain this Golden Capsule early on in the game, you'll have to wait until you're on the quest to collect all of the Dragon Balls later in the game.

           After you pass through Vegeta's Gate head due west until you come across the Golden Capsule.


Golden Capsule #25 (East District 439)

Golden Capsule East District 439Golden Capsule East District 439

           Just north from Vegeta's Level 30 Gate you will come across this Golden Capsule. It's on the little peninsula piece of land which is shown on the map. It's another extremely easy one for players to find.



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