Breath of Fire 2 Guides and Walkthroughs

Breath of Fire 2 for the GBA is an RPG and is a direct sequel to the first Breath of Fire. It has some of the same characters, some of the same world locations and you get to revisit a lot of where you went in the first game. Like many other GBA JRPGs this game requires an insane amount of grinding - especially early on.

One of the most unique aspects of Breath of Fire 2 is the ability to build your own town! It's not as customizeable as you might imagine but the concept of being able to build your own town at the time this game was released was quite unique and revolutionary. Any Retro Gamers out there looking for an unique RPG for the GBA definitely need to try this game.

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Note: The guides on this page were originally written for the Breath of Fire 2 for the SNES. There shouldn't be any significant changes between the different ports so these guides should still be completely accurate. You just may see them mention SNES or buttons on the SNES controller instead of GBA.


Breath of Fire 2 early on tips and guidance

Breath of Fire 2 Pub

In the second town of Breath of Fire 2 (the same town with the Coliseum) you'll be able to speak with the man at the bar and rest for free if it's during the day. You should take some time to grind before moving past this town as you'll definitely need the levels. If you don't want to waste much time grinding (or want to do it mindlessly) I strongly recommend you use my Game Genie codes and enable endless attacks.

Before you enter into the Coliseum in the second town you will want to store all the money you have in the bank. You'll meet someone inside who takes every single penny you have - except what's in your bank! It's the most annoying thing in the entire world - worst of all he joins your party after!

A little bit further ahead in the game you'll want to stop and grind a lot after you acquire Sten, the monkey that joins your party. This will be the point in the game where you have the majority of your main party. There'll be a point in the game where you must use Sten, Rand and Nina all on their own so those characters in particular will have to be strong enough to face some tough enemies - solo.

Capitan is the next town after you get Sten and it'll have an extremely tough boss if you're not prepared. In this town you'll also meet a man named Ray there who will offer you a side quest that can result in the spell Renew or Cure2.

Overworld Sprites
Ryu, Katt, Sten and Nina on the overworld map.

After you finish Capitan you'll most likely have to grind a lot again once you get Jean in your party. Arguably even more grinding than you had to do before! Once you get Jean in your party you'll be able to drastically decrease your encounters while walking on the map with his Overworld Special Ability.

Using Jean's special ability you'll also be able to grab an extremely powerful early upgrade for Ryu's Dragon powers. Hidden in a Waterfall by Simafort you'll find a Wise Dragon Man who will grant Ryu his Dragon Powers.

Breath of Fire 2 TownShip Guides

Breath of Fire 2 TownShip

TownShip is the name of the town in Breath of Fire 2 that you help create and can actually choose your own residents for! Each resident you invite to stay in TownShip will offer you a different and unique benefit to assist you with your quest. It's important that you read up on who to choose and why because if you make the wrong choice there's no redo button!

Continue reading for a more detailed walkthrough on TownShip and choosing the right residents

Breath of Fire 2 - Shaman Guide

Seny the Holy Shaman

In Breath of Fire 2 there's a unique fusing system where you can combine up to two Shamans with members of your party which makes them more powerful and sometimes changes their sprite! There are 6 total Shamans to find in Breath of Fire 2 and hundreds of different combinations you can try!

Continue reading for a more detailed walkthrough about finding all the Shamans in Breath of Fire 2

Breath of Fire 2 Ryu's Dragon Powers

Breath of Fire 2 Ryu's Dragon Powers

In Breath of Fire 2 you can acquire hidden Dragon Powers for Ryu fairly early on in the game (shortly after getting Jean to join your party). These Dragon Powers are extremely powerful and will help you make short work of most boss fights in the game. They're found in a Waterfall by Simafort.

Continue reading for a more detailed walkthrough on Ryu's Dragon Powers

How to Get Bleu to Join Your Party

Breath of Fire 2 Bleu

Later in the game after you get Grandpa the whale you'll be able to complete a short side quest for Bleu - a reoccuring character from the first Breath of Fire. Bleu is a caster that has many of the same spells as Nina and she'll join your party at level 35 regardless of what level you are. To acquire her you'll need to talk to 3 sprites in a secret location by the Theives Tomb then return to HomeTown and speak with an NPC in the back of the Magic School.

Continue reading for a more detailed walkthrough on how to get Bleu to join your party

Ryu's Ultimate Weapon EmpireSD (Empire Sword)

EmpireSD Fishing Location

Ryu's Ultimate Weapon in Breath of Fire 2 can be acquired only when Nina gains the ability to call forth the bird that allows you to fly around the world map. Just east of TownShip you'll want to fight monsters to spawn a fishing location that has a Treasure Chest. Inside will be the EmpireSD.

Continue reading for a more detailed walkthrough of how to obtain the EmpireSD

Ryu's LifeAR (Life Armor) and LoveBR (Love Bracelet)

Life Armor FishingLove Bracelet Fishing

One of the best pieces of chest armor in the game, Life Armor can be fished up from a location northeast of the cave by Gate. You can reach this location shortly after gaining the ability for Nina to call forth the giant bird to fly on. LoveBR can be obtained much earlier in the game from an island just north of Windia. This item goes into the Charm slot and restores HP every step you take.

Continue reading for a more detailed walkthrough about obtaining the LifeAR and LoveBR