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How to create a Sewing Needle

The Sewing Needle is an item you create with Smithing that is used in many different Tailoring recipes throughout the game. You only need to make a single Sewing Needle as this item is never consumed after a combine.

If you're reading this on live severs, or on a TLP that has advanced up to Ring of Scale, you'll be able to purchase the High Quality Ore that you need to make the High Quality Metal Bits from Mercator Macatus in The Overthere. Also, if you own The Burning Lands you can skip this entire combine and purchase a Sewing Needle from the Sagacious Great Jade merchant in Stratos.


Sewing Needle (31 Trivial)

Once you have all of the required ingredients; combine them together in a Forge or Tanaan Forge.

2 High Quality Metal Bits

1 Jar of Acid

1 Needle Mold

1 Smithy Hammer

2 Steel Bits (1 File; 1 Small Brick of Steel)

1 Water Flask






















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