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How to create Blessed Dust of Tunare


           Blessed Dust of Tunare is used in a few different tradeskill combines, most noteable are the combines for the Luclin quest, Earring of the Solstice. In order to make the Blessed Dust of Tunare you'll need 1 Celestial Essence, 1 Imbued Emerald (Tunare Diety spell for Druid/Clerics) and a Jar of Acid.


Blessed Dust of Tunare (Trivial 103)

           Once you have the required ingredients combine them together in a Kiln.

1 Celestial Essence

1 Imbued Emerald (Level 29 Tunare Druid/Cleric Spell)

1 Jar of Acid




Celestial Essence: A quick tip for making a buttload of these without any need for farming - purchase Scent of Marr from Poison/Research vendors and combine that together with Concentrated Celestial Solvent to make Celestial Essence.













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