How to Make A Blessed Fishing Rod


The Blessed Fishing Rod recipe was added into the game during the Velious expansion pack and it is one of few items you can make using a Tackle Box in early EQ. This pole can break while fishing, so it's honestly not recommended you actually fish with it - unless you like wasting time and money making it. What this pole is commonly used for though is the Luclin Earring of Solstice Quest.


Blessed Fishing Rod (Trivial 202)

Once you have all of the required ingredients, combine them together in a Tackle Box, Fly Making Bench or Collapsible Tackle Box.

1 Blessed Dust of Karana

1 Branch of Planar Oak (Foraged in Plane of Growth)

Celestial Essence

1 Spool

1 Treated Silk Fibres