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How to make Mistletoe Temper


           Mistletoe Temper is used in creating 3 different items, Blessed Sickle Blade, Hilt and Pommel. All three of these items are used in Smithing to create the Mistletoe Cutting Sickle (Trivial 250). This item is used in the Luclin Earring of the Solstice Quest which rewards players with a great earring for that expansion.

           In order to make the Mistletoe Temper you will need one Celestial Essence and to purchase two items from vendors, Elven Wine and Mistletoe.


Mistletoe Temper (Trivial 136)

           Once you have all of the required ingredients, combine them together in a Brewing Barrel or Collapsible Distillery.

1 Celestial Essence

Elven Wine1 Elven Wine

Mistletoe1 Mistletoe


Celestial Essence: A quick tip for making a buttload of these without any need for farming - purchase Scent of Marr from Poison/Research vendors and combine that together with Concentrated Celestial Solvent to make Celestial Essence.


Elven WineElven Wine Vendors: Henna Treghost (East Freeport General Supplies); All Barkeeps in Greater Faydark; Chef Denrun, Culkin Ironstove and Brewmaster Berina (Plane of Knowledge); Slan ODonner (West Freeport).

MistletoeMistletoe Vendors: Merchant Kaeluase and Merchant Ueaas (Greater Faydark); Bimble Babbinsbort, Byl Babbinsbort, Kizzie Mintopp (Rivervale), Olyna Mudel, Torlig Mudel (West Freeport)







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