Rogue Skyshrine Armor (Velious Raid Armor)

Crendatha FeDhar Rogue Armor

For the Rogue Skyshrine Armor you'll need to be ally faction with the Claws of Veeshan, collect Unadorned Chain from the Temple of Veeshan as well as 3 specific gems off different Velious enemies. After you've done that you'll need to bring all the items you collected to Crendatha Fe`Dhar in Skyshrine to complete the armor turn in.

Every classes NPC for Skyshrine Armor is found in the same spot of Skyshrine; just past the maze and in the higher level portion of dragons/drakes. The map location of all the NPCs can be found just below this paragraph. For those of you who need help navigating the Skyshrine maze to reach these NPCs I recommend you check out my guide for navigating the Skyshrine Maze.

Skyshrine Armor NPCs Map Location

Below you'll find a list of all the different Skyshrine Armor turn ins that you can do as a Rogue. Also don't forget that these quests can be MQ (Multi Quested) as well! What I mean by that is, if your friend has one of the unmade pieces of armor he can turn that item into the NPC then you turn in just the gems and you'll get the completed reward.

This works differently depending on the server you play on. Those on the official Daybreak servers will have to be the same class as the person who is helping you MQ the armor. On the EQ emulator P99 any class can help you complete the multiquest.


Shadow Chestguard

Chain Tunic1 Unadorned Chain Tunic

Diamond3 Flawless Diamonds



Shadow Boots

Chain Boots1 Unadorned Chain Boots

Black Marble3 Crushed Black Marble



Shadow Bracer

Chain Bracer1 Unadorned Chain Bracer

Flame Emerald3 Crushed Flame Emeralds



Shadow Gauntlets

Chain Gauntlets1 Unadorned Chain Gauntlets

Topaz3 Crushed Topaz



Shadow Greaves

Chain Leggings1 Unadorned Chain Leggings

Sea Sapphire3 Flawed Sea Sapphire



Shadow Crown

Chain Helm1 Unadorned Chain Coif

Coral3 Crushed Coral



Shadow Vambraces

Chain Sleeves1 Unadorned Chain Sleeves

Emerald3 Flawed Emeralds