Skyshrine Class Armor (Velious Group Armor)

On your way to the Quest Armor NPCs in Skyshrine you'll have to navigate through the maze in the northeastern portion of the zone. Luckily I have a map you can use if you're playing on P99 and without one.

Navigating this maze is pretty easy - just follow each purple line to each ascending number. Run to 1 then to 2 then to 3 and you get the point hopefully if not... how did you reach level 60? The only confusing one may be #3; you basically just run off the switch then turn around and run back onto the switch to be taken to 4.

After you finish the maze you'll find yourself in the basement area (shown in the center portion of the screen shot above, with the purple outline). Once you make it here you'll want to click on the large ball shown in the picture below.