Skyshrine Class Armor (Velious Group Armor)

The hardest set of armor for you to acquire in the Velious expansion pack is the Skyshrine Armor. You can find the unmade pieces of armor in the Temple of Veeshan East wing, also known as Halls of Testing. The armor turn ins are done in Skyshrine, hence the name of the gear.

Skyshrine Armor is so difficult for you to acquire primarily because it requires you to not only grind Temple of Veeshan for the gear that drops but also restore your faction with the Claws of Veeshan to do the turn ins. You'll need to be at Ally faction in order to do the turn ins at Skyshrine.

In order to raise your reputation with the Claws of Veeshan you'll need to kill frost giants in Kael Drakkel. Most giants don't give much reputation, raid targets yield the biggest reputation hits. It's a very long reputation grind and you can speed it up a little by completing the Giant Warrior Helmets Quest.

Depending on what type of armor your class wears determines exactly what it is you're looking for. Here is a quick run down of the different types in an easier to read format:

Tattered Silk: For those wearing Cloth armor.

Unadorned Plate: For those wearing Plate armor.

Unadorned Leather: For those wearing Leather armor.

Unadorned Chain: For those wearing Chain armor.

Temple of Veeshan Armor Drops

Once you collect one of these items you'll also need to collect 3 different gems depending on your class and what piece of armor you're completing the quest for. The gems I am talking about you've probably already seen before, they're the ones that only drop in Velious with names like Flawed, Pristine, Crushed Diamond/Sea Sapphire/Emerald/Fire Opal.

Not all of the gems drop off every mob; some of the gems only drop off higher level enemies and some of them only drop off lower level enemies. It's much easier to try and purchase the gem you need from other players rather than farming it yourself as that could end up taking you quite a long time.

After you've collected the unmade piece of armor as well as the three gems that you need you'll want to hand all four items to the relevant NPC for your class that's located in Skyshrine. Since it's much easier to organize the information that way, I have given each class their own guide below.

To learn what gems you need for which slots of armor, how to navigate the Skyshrine Maze and reach the town area, as well as the NPC to turn everything into just follow the link below for your class!












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