Lxavnom Labors HA Guide

Lxavnom Labors is given to you by Karth Punox in Sul Vius: Demiplane of Decay and is probably the easiest of all the Heroic Adventures that are part of my TBM Heroic Adventure Grinding Guide. This HA takes place in the revamped TBM version of Crypt of Lxavnom which is found in the northern portion of Demiplane of Decay.

Additionally, this HA is very similar to Fate Rewards the Bold in the sense that you can hang onto all of the extra items that you acquired after completing the Heroic Adventure and use them on future HAs. As an example, say you collect extra Bubonian Heads and Tails, the next time you're tasked with collecting these two items all you have to do is hand them in for completion credit!

Step 1 (One of the following):

Deliver 4 Lepertoloth Heads to Mers
Deliver 4 Religious Texts to Mers (Worn Religious Pamplet)
Deliver 4 Bubonian Heads to Mers
Deliver 4 Religious Texts to Mers (Pristine Scroll)
Deliver 4 Servant of Health Heads to Mers (Healthy Skull)
Deliver 5 Scythes to Mers

Step 2 (One of the following):

Deliver 4 Gelatin to Mers
Deliver 4 Creepy Skulls to Mers
Deliver 4 Fetid Hides to Mers
Deliver 4 Huge Rat Tails to Mers
Deliver 4 Seraph Feathers to Mers
Deliver 4 Maggots to Mers
Deliver 4 Bandages to Mers
Deliver 4 Unicorn Horns to Mers
Deliver 4 Grumling Toes to Mers

There are two different parts of the zone that this HA can take place in, the upper portion or the lower. If your HA takes place in the lower part of the zone you'll notice that the upper portion is sealed off with a boulder. Only the enemies in the initial hallways will be here.

Additionally, if your quest takes place in say, the bubonian area, you'll find that the rest of the zone is sealed off with boulders blocking entry. This makes it rather easy to figure out which enemies you need to hunt for your version of the quest... Because they'll be some of the only enemies in the zone! =P



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