TBM Heroic Adventure Guides

TBM Heroic Adventures are a great way to get EXP as well as Remnants of Tranquility which you can then trade in for TBM gear. Players can start farming the TBM Heroic Adventures as low as level 75 since they scale to match your group's level... However I reckon doing these at 75 will be a bit too challenging (unless you got some insanely good gear) so you may want to wait a little.

There are a total of 4 TBM Heroic Adventures which I think are the best ones for grinding... They are: (Click on each quest for more information)

We Make Our Own Rewards
In Defense of Health
Fate Rewards the Bold
Lxavnom Labors

The order that the Heroic Adventures are listed in I believe is also the best order for doing them. When you complete We Make Our Own Rewards you'll find yourself in Sul Vius: Life right in front of Kerath Punox, the quest giver for In Defense of Health. After Fate Rewards the Bold, a similar situation will occur where you're in front of Karth Punox for the next quest, Lxavnom Labors.

This makes farming the quests in a rotation rather easy. If you're a boxer with a Wizard or Druid on your team, I recommend you use Mark of Travel (Secondary Bind) right next to the stone leading to Plane of Health in Tranquility. This will allow you to very easily gate over here, zone into Plane of Health and grab the quest from Tarl Punox. Then you can just campfire back to Sul Vius Life or Decay, whichever of the two zones you're in.

Lesser Spirit Armor Achievement