Uiyaniv Tu`Vrozix GoD Poison Making Quests

Uiyaniv TuVrozixUiyaniv Map Location

Uiyaniv Tu`Vrozix is found in a room that's beneath the deck in the southwestern portion of the ship. For those of you having trouble finding him you can use my map above or the ingame Find feature to locate him.

If you're unfamiliar with these GoD Tradeskill quests they're really easy. Basically all you need to do is hail the NPC and follow through with his dialogue and craft 100 of each item that he tells you to craft. Since these are Poison Making quests you will only be able to do them if you're a Rogue. The first item on the list of stuff to craft is 'Simple Universal Suspension'.

Simple Universal Suspension

To craft the Simple Universal Suspension you'll need to purchase a Mortar and Pestle from Uiyaniv Tu`Vrozix and use that. Keep in mind too if you're using EQtraders at the same time for this quest do note that you don't have to turn items in one by one anymore... You can hand Uiyaniv full stacks.

Simple Solvent

After you've finished making 100 Suspensions and turning them in you'll be given materials to craft the next item, Simple Solvent. These quests should all be straight forward enough for you to do and figure out on your own, worst case scenario if you're new to Tradeskills use my GoD Baking Tradeskill Quest Guide. That goes over many more details that this one doesn't.

Random Tip: For those who don't already know holding down Ctrl will allow you to separate an item from a stack of items. This will greatly speed up parts of the Tradeskilling process.

Once you're done with Simple Solvents you'll need to craft Simple Contact Poison. Rinse and repeat the entire process turning in 100 of these until you reach the final item that you have to craft, Simple Injected Poison.

Turn in 100 Simple Injected Poisons to complete the quest. Once the quest is complete hail Uiyaniv Tu`Vrozix and say 'recipes' to receive the true and final reward for this quest. A list of all the recipes you'll receive for the final turn in can be found below.





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