Ordin Wheasly GoD Baking Quest

Ordin Wheasly GoD Baking QuestOrdin Wheasly GoD Baking Quest Map Location

Gates of Discord introduced different quests for each Tradeskill that take place in Abysmal Sea which give you an opportunity to raise your tradeskills for free up to 54. The quests on this page will specifically cover Baking. To get started you're going to want to speak with Ordin Wheasly on the southwestern end of the boat; location shown on my map.

Follow through with all of his dialogue until he hands you 20 Oatmeal 20 Hot Water and a book called "Tuna is Great!". You can destroy the book. Now is the tedious part. You're going to want to combine Oatmeal and Hot Water in a mixing bowl (Ordin sells Mixing Bowls if you didn't come prepared) until you learn the recipe.

After you do that you can just quick combine each one afterwards. As shown in the picture below.

Ordins Oatmeal

You'll want to do this until you have 100 successful combines of Ordin's Oatmeal. After you use up your 20 materials that Ordin gives you, hand the successful combines back to him (you can do them fully stacked, EQ Traders is outdated when it says you must do single turn ins).

Hail Ordin and follow through with the dialogue again and he'll give you some more items. Repeat this process until you've turned in 100 items to Ordin. If you're too lazy to count all your turn ins that's fine - after you turn in 100 Ordin will start giving you two different materials, Hunk of Dough and Wayfarer Surprise.

Random Tip: For those who don't already know holding down Ctrl will allow you to separate an item from a stack of items. This will greatly speed up parts of the Tradeskilling process.

Wayfarers Muffin

This combine must be done in an oven which is right in front of Ordin. It may be hard for you to click on but lying across the table in front of Ordin you'll see some large Oven Forks. Click on them and you can do the combines there. You'll have to make 100 muffins just like you did the Oatmeal before.

After you finish 100 Muffins Ordin will give you a new set of items to make, Wayfarer Pies. These are done in the Oven too just repeat them the same way we've been doing and keep turning them in as you finish making them.

Wayfarer Pie

Once you're done with the Wayfarer Pies there's only a single combine left that you need to do... Wayfarer Pastry. They're combined in an oven too - just like the last few combines. Give Ordin 100 of the Pastries and that's all you need to complete the GoD Baking Quest.

Wayfarer Pastry

There's still one final step left to do (and it's arguably the most important/why you're here). Hail Ordin Wheasly and say 'recipes' to obtain your actual reward for completing this quest. He'll grant you all the recipes shown in the screen shot below. You'll have to repeat similar quests for every Tradeskill in the game assuming you want to raise each one to 54 and/or you want these recipes for raising your trivial 300 - 350.

Baking Recipes





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