Paludal Caverns - Luclin Leveling Guide

Paludal Caverns - Luclin Leveling Guide

There are three different entrances to Paludal Caverns, this guide is going to primarily cover the Shadeweaver's Thicket zone in as well as the Shadow Haven zone in. This part of the guide is for players between the levels of 6 - 15. If you're higher level than this you probably want the Shadow Haven part of the guide so scroll down!

Zoning in from Shadoweaver's Thicket will put you in the lowest level part of Paludal Caverns where you'll find small bug enemies, mushrooms as well as the occasional phlarg fiend. The very first large room you come across with water in it is where you'll want to hang out at until level 7 or 8 at which point you'll want to start slowly making your way north.

If you're solo I would recommend staying closer to the entrance (or if you're confident in your abilities) move north towards where it says Small Phlarg Camp on the map above. If you've got a group with you or are boxing then you'll get better EXP at the Phlarg Camp by the water, just to the east of the Small one.

The Phlargs give decent EXP until 12 - 14 at which point you can move up to the largest Phlarg camp at the northern most tip of my map above or try to find a group at either of the two recondite camps which I go into more detail about below.

Paludal Caverns - Luclin Leveling Guide

The most well known part of Paludal Caverns is the camp(s) you find near the Shadow Haven zone line. These camps are known as Base 1/2 aka the recondites. Unless you're twinked out the rear or 20+ it's very unlikely you'll be able to handle any of these enemies solo.

Base 1 and 2 make two of the best camp locations for groups between the levels of 17 - 28. It's extremely easy to find people to fill any open spaces in your group for this location because of how good the EXP and money is for hunting here.

This location is arguably the best leveling location for this level range for at least 10 + expansions.


Additional Information

- Depending on what level you are and where you want to hunt in Paludal Caverns determines where you should zone in from. 1 - 15 will want to zone in from Shadeweaver's Thicket. Players 15+ will want to zone into Paludal from Shadow Haven.

Paludal Caverns Allakhazam Zone Information

Paludal Caverns Post Mercenary Leveling Guide
This guide was written for players with Defiant Gear/Mercenaries. It may have *some* useful information for a player on the TLP but not much.
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