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How to get to Temple of Droga (EoK version)

Frontier Mountains to Temple of Droga

 Before I start, this guide is for the EoK Temple of Droga and the Frontier Mountains talked about in this guide is the EoK Frontier Mountains.

 The first thing you need to do in order to reach Temple of Droga (EoK) is travel to Frontier Mountains (EoK). If you don't know How to Get to Frontier Mountains then follow the link provided. If Ring of Scale is out on your server and you have succor, take the Guild Hall to The Overthere and use succor, you'll find yourself at the FM zone line in the south. That's the fastest way here.

 You'll find the zoneline to Temple of Droga in the northern portion of FM. If you're coming from The Overthere it's a quick run to the south. If you're coming from Scorched Woods you'll have to run through the whole zone to the north. Luckily, almost no enemies in this zone see through invis.

Temple of Droga Entrance




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