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Feerrott - Classic Leveling Guide

Feerrott - Classic Leveling Guide

           Low level Ogres will want to stay on the same side of the zone as the Innothule Swamp zoneline and Oggok. You'll want to stay relatively close to the PoK stone until around level 3. Keep an eye out for Marsh Bear cubs as they hit harder than other mobs of this level.

           Levels 4 - 6 can find mobs their level in the northeastern corner past the druid ring. Spiders, wolves pretty much everything is around this level.

           Once you reach level 6 you can move on to the Lizardman Camps which are great XP and drop some decent vendor trash for this level range. If the lizardmen get too easy for you head across the bridge south of Oggok and fight anything you find that cons blue.

           This zone is worth leaving 9 - 10. You'll find better XP and more players in South Ro. If you'd like to solo Rathe Mountains may be the location for you.


Random Tip: In the far southwest of the zone by the entrance of Plane of Fear you'll find a bunch of really high level Spectres. The reason I am mentioning these guys is because they are great for solo classes 40+ who would like some place to go that isn't crowded. Feerrott may sometimes get a Pick zone if a lot of noobs are leveling which would give you a private place to level.


Additional Zone Information

- Druids can port to this zone

- Aside from a portal or the PoK stone the only other ways you can reach The Feerrott are through Innothule Swamp, Cazic Thule (if a wizard ports you there) or Mountains of Rathe.

- This zone was remade during the House of Thule Expansion Pack. That version of the zone is called Feerrott The Dream and you can see my guide for that version of the zone by following my link.

Feerrott Allakhazam Zone Information

Feerrott P99 Zone Information












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