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Howling Stones - Post Mercenary Leveling Guide

Howling Stones North and West

Howling Stones is a mediocre alternative to Old Sebilis; one I can only really recommend to those who are boxing multiple chars with mercs. One of the main downsides of Howling Stones is you don't have a convenient zone line by where you entered. This makes it much riskier to solo here. If you do find a zone line - you'll have to dodge many skorpis enemies which all Harm Touch just to get back into Howling Stones.

As far as the zone itself goes, the North and west wings would be the two easiest with the south and east wings being the hardest. I wouldn't recommend you do the east wing as you'll get overwhelmed there rather quickly with 4+ mobs a pull. The south wing is arguably almost as hard as east but it only has "some" pulls with 4+ mobs.

All in all I can't recommend this zone to players who aren't boxing or don't have a friend with them. If you *do* come here solo stick to the north and west wings for maximum safety. If you fall through the floor somewhere that's good too since the basement doesn't have too many large pulls.

Howling Stones South Wing

What's good about this zone is that the enemies here are basically paper thin and they drop rather good plat per kill as well as vendor trash. Tons of spells drop here as well as other stackable goodies which you'll want to loot to sell to a vendor when we get back to town.

Additionally even though these enemies hit rather hard they're also basically paper thin. If you did City of Mist prior to this zone then you'll kind of know what I mean. There's no doubt that the enemies there hit harder than elsewhere for that level range (in Kunark) but they also have noticably less HP.

The last thing I will mention about Howling Stones is the Harm Touches here. If you have enough resists to avoid damage from any of the Harm Touches the enemies here dish out you'll likely be able to hunt here rather efficiently - even solo.


Additional Information

- The only way into Howling Stones is through The Overthere. Relevant guide for finding your way to HS.

- This zone has a small-raid boss in it, Drusella Sathir.

- This zone was revamped during the RoS expansion pack.

- If you're having trouble managing your Inventory Space I highly recommend you invest in some Extraplanar Trade Satchels which are 32 Slot Tradeskill Bags. Alternatively you could also buy Unexpanded Tailored Backpacks as well. Though, the Backpacks will likely be more expensive. Follow the links provided to learn more about each item.

- If you need more plat while leveling I strongly recommend you check out my How to make more plat while leveling by Bartering Guide. It'll give you a list of all the different items you should be keeping an eye out for to Barter/Sell!

Howling Stones Allakhazam Zone Information

Howling Stones TLP Leveling Guide

Howling Stones Original Almar's EQ Leveling Guide
This guide may contain errors or inaccuracies since the game has changed a lot since I wrote it.
It also contains a lot of information not found on this page about the zone and the mobs in it.