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Extraplanar Trade Satchel 32 Slot Tradeskill Bag

If you're having trouble with inventory management there are two cheap alternatives for you. The one we're talking about here is Extraplanar Trade Satchel which is by far the cheapest and easiest way to help manage your inventory during the early levels of the game.

The most I have ever seen the satchels go for on in a server's Bazaar is 50k - which is usually way overpriced for them. On the upside even if they're really expensive on your server there are usually always some available for sale. Sometimes they're even for sale on Trakanon - despite that server being a barren wasteland with like 10 traders at most!

For all of those returning to EQ after a long break - you may be interested to know you can type /baz anywhere in the game and bring up The Bazaar window. Additionally you can also do something called "Remote Buy" as long as Rain of Fear is unlocked on your server. This lets you purchase items and have them parceled to you for a 10% fee of the purchase price.

You can only hold Tradeskill items in the bag but 32 slots for a single bag makes a giant difference this early on in the game. You can use the bag for vendor trash or valuable items - which ever you'd like to use it for more. Every single one of my characters sports two of these bags so I honestly can't recommend them to you enough. As far as I am concerned these babies are essential for everyone!

Note: These Tradeskill bags won't be available on servers until House of Thule is available. This of course won't be a concern for anyone who plays on live but if you're reading this while playing on a TLP server you'll need to take into consideration what expansion it is.

Random Tradekill Item Tips for Leveling

- Keep all Sunshard Dust, Ore, Pebbles, Powder that you come across. It's some of the more valuable crafting materials that drop for all levels. Sunshard Ore is the most valuable/worth keeping one out of them all.

- Keep all Taaffeite, Prestidigitase, Harmonagate, Staurolite you come across - they can be used in Jewelcrafting later to raise your skill.

- Cultural Loam, Marrow, Spinnerets are all vendor trash.

- Cultural Pelts, Ore, Silk are all worth keeping.