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Dragonscale Hills - Post Mercenary Leveling Guide

Dragonscale Hills Leveling Location

Dragonscale Hills is one of the best locations for players 70 - 80; there's multiple different group locations as well as a good amount of spaced out enemies for those looking to solo.

There are 3 locations which are shown on my map of Dragonscale Hills which is above. These locations are the Farm, the Nymphs and the Animals. I'll give you a little bit of details about each of these locations below.

Farm: The farm is the most commonly grouped camp in DSH and is by far the best EXP. Ontop of getting EXP for all of the enemies you kill, you can also do the kill tasks which come from a camp of NPCs just to the northeast of the Farm.

Nymphs: The Nymphs are found around the large tower that houses the zone in area for players who take the DSH Guild Hall portal. These are a bit more challenging than the farm enemies and there are no kill tasks for the Nymphs. However, these enemies can be Headshot or Assassinated which makes them worth mentioning and more desirable targets for those classes.

Animals: The animals in DSH are scattered throughout the entire northern part of the zone. They're spaced out far enough for anyone soloing to pick them off one by one.

The Animals are best for those looking to solo or boxers with lower numbers. A bit further south of the farm you'll also find a great camp with a ton of Doomscale bugs around a large bone carcass - it's marked on my map above. Additionally just marginally south of the farm you'll come across a huge camp of robots which I recommend avoiding at all costs unless you're very well geared and in a group as they hit way harder than anything else.

Finally the last thing marked on the map above is the Minotaurs which are a great location for any higher level players who have AAs that speed up the killing of Humanoids. Rangers in particular will find this to be a great location for Headshot and I would assume Berserkers and Rogues would also find benefits to hunting here.

As far as loot goes, I recommend that you keep all of the Rk. II spells that you find. They stack, weigh barely anything and sell for 300pp + a pop usually. The High Quality Pelts that drop from the animals aren't as valuable as they once were so I can't recommend too much that you keep them.

Additional Information

- The fastest way for players to reach DSH is by taking the Guild Hall portal. If this option isn't available to you, take the PoK stone to Ak'anon then from Steamfont Mountains run to DSH.

- If you're having trouble managing your Inventory Space I highly recommend you invest in some Extraplanar Trade Satchels which are 32 Slot Tradeskill Bags. Alternatively you could also buy Unexpanded Tailored Backpacks as well. Though, the Backpacks will likely be more expensive. Follow the links provided to learn more about each item.

- If you need more plat while leveling I strongly recommend you check out my How to make more plat while leveling by Bartering Guide. It'll give you a list of all the different items you should be keeping an eye out for to Barter/Sell!

Dragonscale Hills Allakhazam Zone Information

Dragonscale Hills Original Almar's EQ Leveling Guide
This guide may contain errors or inaccuracies since the game has changed a lot since I wrote it.
It also contains a lot of information not found on this page about the zone and the mobs in it.

Dragonscale Hills Another Original Leveling Guide