How to reach Sathir's Tomb

Howling Stones to Sathirs Tomb

Sathir's Tomb is a zone in Ring of Scale that is reached by traveling through the RoS version of Howling Stones. For more information on how to reach Howling Stones head over to my how to reach Howling Stones (RoS) guide. Once inside Howling Stones you will first need to travel directly south until you make it through the southern most room.

At this point you need to head northwest until you reach the Sathir's Tomb zoneline. Be warned - the yellow line just north of the spot it says "Zone in" on my map above is a one way street! You can only go through this invisible wall south going north - if you try to go the opposite way it's impassable!

Another warning, I don't recommend you zone out where it says Zone in on the map; this will place you in The Overthere where all the Scorpikis enemies are and likely end in your death.


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