Plane of Valor - PoP Leveling Guide

Depending on what type of hunting you're looking for, there's multiple locations for you in Plane of Valor. This zone is good for players between the levels of 60 - 65 and is best for those looking for a great location to kite or those looking to do some Field Killing.

There's multiple kiting areas around the southern most portion of the zone, the same location you zone in at. Surrounding the trees you'll find multiple frogs which you can kite as well as some undead enemies in the buildings (which I would recommend avoiding unless you can handle 2 or 3 and/or want to kill undead).

While fighting here keep an eye out for Planarian Larvae Heart, Razorfiend's Heart and Piece of Crystalline Globe(s) as they're used in the an important quest for your Planar Progression! A different piece drops off all different enemies throughout the zone, saving any you find will save you some time later!

For those with good gear looking to Kite or even looking to form a group of Kiters you'll find the Phlarg camp to the west to be one of the best locations for you to hunt. The Phlargs in here are pretty slow, extremely easy to pull - most pulls are one or 2 rarely ever 3 and they can be extremely easily kited around the beach outside their cave.

Those of you able to Dire Charm will find a low level suit of armor near the zone in for you to grab as a pet as well. Druids can Charm the Frogs, Necromancers the Undead. All in all Plane of Valor is full of opportunities to anyone looking to solo or in a smaller group.

Once you're ready to kick things up a notch the next portion of Plane of Valor worth talking about is the field area far up north. You'll have to travel through two different buildings with a bunch of Humanoid enemies. Some of these guys are used in quests and others are just for show.

If desired you can actually hunt the humanoid enemies but due to the fact that their numbers are so large per pull I can't really recommend them to anyone except boxers or full groups. Luckily these guys don't agro you on sight so you can run right past all of them to the large field up north.

There's four spots I recommend you make camp at, all of which marked on the map above. Although the one in the upper right is my least favorite. Normally I do the one far to the east or nearby the fortress. The huge red circle is the area you'll be pulling all of the enemies from.

You'll find a few different enemies to kill, some of the quest loot that they drop is mentioned below along with a quest write up for anyone that's interested in seeing what all this stuff is for.

Crystalline Spider's Heart (Key to Aerin`Dar's Lair Quest)

Piece of Crystalline Globe (Key to Aerin`Dar's Lair Quest)

Crystalline Carapace (Powered Clockwork Talisman Quest)

Aside from the enemies in the field you also have the guards up north for you to take out if desired. That's really all there is to Plane of Valor! This is a great zone for soloers and groups of all different levels. Depending on what you can and can't handle determines where you should go in this zone.


Additional Information

- The zone line for Plane of Valor is inside the cave in central Plane of Tranquility. For directions and more information about reaching Plane of Valor please follow the link provided.

- Ethereal Parchments and Spectral Parchments that drop are used for PoP Spells. For more information about the PoP Spell Quests follow the link provided.

Plane of Valor Allakhazam Zone Information