Key to Aerin`Dar's Lair HoH Access (Plane of Valor)

Sergeant Johson Popoah and Paralin Notion

This quest requires you to collect six different items from around the Plane of Valor and speak with a few different NPCs within the zone. The NPC that kicks off this quest is Sergeant Johson Popoah found in the tent to the east of the zone in. Allakhazam acts like this quest requires you to follow a certain hail order and such (which I have included for the steps below) but I had to do no such thing when I did this quest.

I'm going to assume that the quest was changed at some point and a lot of the tedious elements were revamped rather than assuming that Allakhazam has always been wrong with this quest. Below is a succinct list of all the dialogue for this quest; I have included the same tediousness that Allakhazam does just incase that you're on an emulator or I am wrong about the quest/got lucky.

Hail, Sergeant Johson Popoah
Sergeant Johson Popoah says, "State your business or leave our [compound]"
Hail, Sergeant Johson Popoah
Sergeant Johson Popoah says, "Leave now before there is bloodshed."
/say What compound

Travel over to Paralin Notion
Hail, Paralin Notion
/say I am brave
/say I will help your company
/say what squad
/say I will provide you assistance
/say What Trials?
/say What things?

Travel to Master Sergeant Aaramis Daryln (Do not hail him)
(target him) /say I am here to aid the cause
/say What is Aerin`Dar?

Travel back to Paralin Notion
Hail, Paralin Notion
/say How shall I prove myself

You'll need to prove yourself by collecting three different hearts from different enemies throughout the zone. Crystalline Spider's Heart (Spiders in northern field), Planarian Larvae's Heart (southern portion of zone) and Razorfiend's Heart (southwestern cave). They don't generally take very long to obtain since they have an uncommon drop rate.

Crystalline Spiders HeartPlanarian Larvae HeartRazorfiends Heart

If you still need help finding the best locations to farm the different hearts I recommend that you take a look at my map further down the page. It has every location for all the different parts of this quest marked on it to help you locate everything with ease.

Once you obtain all three of the different hearts return them to Paralin Notion. He'll thank you and tell you to go speak with Master Sergeant Aaramis Darylin. Return to the large building up north with the Master Sergeant inside (location is marked on my map below) and speak with him.

If you did everything correctly up until this point Master Sergeant Aaramis will let you continue with his dialogue past asking about Aerin`Dar. Ask "What company?" and "What mission?" and he'll instruct you to travel to the camp down south and speak with Captain Ryglot Cupperhide.

Plane of Valor Key to Aerin Dars Lair Quest Map Locations

Captain Ryglot Cupperhide is found in a tent that's adjacent to the location where we found Sergeant Johson Popoah and Paralin Notion at the start of the quest. For those who forgot already, that's the same location that's marked with a 1 on the map above.

Speaking with Captain Ryglot and following all of his dialogue will result in him asking you to collect 3 Pieces of the Crystalline Globe from all across the zone. Each of these pieces drop off different enemies and are about as difficult to obtain as the hearts before them.

All three pieces that are required for this quest are shown in both the map location above as well as in the three screen shots below. Once you've obtained all three you'll want to return them to Captain Ryglot Cupperhide and turn them in. You'll receive a completed Crystalline Globe for doing this.

Piece of the Crystalline Globe GemPiece of the Crystalline Globe OrbPiece of the Crystalline Globe Staff

Note: In order to zone into Aerin`Dar's Lair he will need to be alive. In the room with the small pedastle and the dragon globe sitting atop it - you can click it until you're blue in the face but nothing will happen unless Aerin`Dar is currently alive in his chamber. You may also be able to zone in shortly after he is defeated and before the Planar Projection disappears, although this I am unsure of.


Crystalline Globe