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How to create Sacred Tunare Silk

Sacred Tunare Silk is used in crafting the Ceremonial Solstice Robe which is part of the Luclin quest, Earring of the Solstice. The part of this recipe that's the biggest pain in the butt is the Blessed Dust of Tunare since it'll require you to find someone who can Imbue Emeralds.



Sacred Tunare Silk1 Sacred Tunare Silk (Trivial 135)

Once you have all of the required ingredients, combine them together in a Loom or Sewing Kit.

1 Blessed Dust of Tunare

1 Celestial Essence

Sacred Tunare Silk1 Silk Swatch


Celestial Essence: A quick tip for making a buttload of these without any need for farming - purchase Scent of Marr from Poison/Research vendors and combine that together with Concentrated Celestial Solvent to make Celestial Essence.


Blessed Dust of Tunare (Trivial 103)

Once you have the required ingredients combine them together in a Kiln.

1 Celestial Essence

1 Imbued Emerald (Level 29 Druid/Cleric Spell)

1 Jar of Acid