Velious Jewelcrafting Guide

           Jewelcrafting is probably the most difficult Tradeskill to raise throughout all of EQ. At first it will be quite easy, yeah but as you skill it up it will become more and more costly. Past 200 you may be paying up to 500pp per combine... And if you're any familiar with Tradeskills in EQ sometimes it takes 15 - 30 combines to skill up... Now imagine how much that will cost you. Jewelcrafting is mostly done by Enchanters, since they get spells to enchant the bars used in Jewelcrafting for some of the higher recipes. If you're not an Enchanter, than of course you will need to find an Enchanter to enchant the bars for you.

           The upside to Jewelcrafting is at this current point in time (Classic EQ), Jewelcrafting supplies mostly all classes with the best face slot, Earrings and Rings (occasionally neck). The items they can make for the wrist slot are pretty decent too. If you're looking to take on the daunting task of raising your Jewelcrafting skill then you will want to start off by visiting your Guildmaster and using your practices for the first 21 points.


Jewelcrafting 1 - 21

Speak with your Guildmaster


(Direct Route) Electrum Malachite Bracelet 21 - 74

Electrum Bar



(Alternative *Cheaper* Route) Silver Carnelian Wedding Ring 21 - 32

Silver Bar




(Alternative Route) Electrum Jasper Earring 74 - 92

Electrum Bar



(Direct Route) Jaded Electrum Bracelet 74 - 106

Electrum Bar



(Alternative Route) Electrum Opal Amulet 106 - 119

Electrum Bar



(Direct Route) Gold Malachite Bracelet 106 - 146

Gold Bar



(Alternative Route) Golden Star Amulet 146 - 170

Gold Bar

Star Rose Quartz


(Direct Route) Golden Topaz Earring 146 - 183

Gold Bar



(Direct Route) Fire Emerald Golden Bracelet 183 - 202

Fire Emerald

Gold Bar


(Direct Route) Rose Platinum Engagement Ring 202 - 242

Platinum Bar

Star Rose Quartz


(Alternative Route) Cat Eye Platinum Necklace 202 - 228

Cat's Eye Agate

Platinum Bar


Gem Studded Chain (Trivial 250)

           Once you have all of the required items combine them together in a Jeweler's Kit or Collapsible Jeweler's Kit. Gem Studded Chain is used in crafting the Ceremonial Solstice Robe which is part of the Earring of Solstice Luclin quest.

1 Emerald

1 Ruby

1 Sapphire

1 Worked Silver Chain


(Direct Route) Platinum Opal Engagement Ring 242 - 263


Platinum Bar


(Direct Route) Platinum Ruby Veil 263 - 279

Platinum Bar



Black Sapphire Velium Necklace 279 - 287

           Both items that you need to complete this combine are difficult to come by. First up the Black Sapphire is an uncommon gem drop from high level enemies throughout the game. The Enchanted Velium Bar comes from a Velium Bar that's purchased in Thurgadin and enchanted by an Enchanter.

Black Sapphire (EQ Traders)

Enchanted Velium Bar (EQ Traders)


Platinum Blue Diamond Tiara 287 - 295

           For this combine you'll need a Blue Diamond which is a rare world drop off high level enemies as wel as an Enchanted Platinum bar. To get a platinum bar enchanted you'll need an Enchanter with the appropriate spell.

Blue Diamond (EQ Traders)

Enchanted Platinum Bar (EQ Traders)








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