How to make a Heady Kiola

Heady Kiola is a Brewing subcombine that you need to make in order to create Wu's armor along with an assortment of other armors in the Tailoring Profession. To make Heady Kiola you'll need a Bottle, 2 Packet of Kiola Sap as well as a Water Flask. All three of these items are purchased from vendors.

Those of you reading this guide for the purposes of raising your skills to 350 -- you should make 100+ of the Heady Kiola if you want to have a one and done type of deal. We're going to be using a TON of this stuff for Wu's armor alone and that's only about half the armor that this stuff is used for.


Heady Kiola (46 Trivial)

If CoTF is live on your server, you'll find the NPC Brewmaster Berina nearby the small bank in PoK. She sells all three of these items. Without this NPC you'll need to do some searching to find all three of the required items.

1 Bottle

1 Packet of Kiola Sap

1 Water Flask