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Asmodian Leveling Guide 13 - 14 MuMu Farmland

After you've gotten your new set of quests you will want to return to the Farmland. This time around you will need to collect 5 Frightcorn Seeds and burn 3 MuMu Carts. The MuMu Carts are pretty easy to find, usually I grind around one cart and burn it 3 times. The Frightcorn Seeds can drop from really any of the MuMu's in the area.

MuMu Cart

Once you've destroyed 3 MuMu Carts and collected all 5 of the Frightcorn SeedFrightcorn Seeds you will need to return to our Outpost at Moslan Forest. Turn in your two quests and accept any new ones. Now you will need to return to the MuMu Farmland and collect Ripened Frightcorn3 Ripened Frightcorn from the Stalks:

Well-ripened Frightcorn Stalk

Well-ripened Frightcorn Stalk

Also you will need to kill the MuMu's here again but this time for Hairpins and Sturdy Leather Belts. The MuMu Patrols and Black Claw Mau drop the Hairpins. The other MuMu's drop the Sturdy Leather Belts. Once you've completed both quests you'll want to return to town and turn in your quests. Accept the only follow up and return to the MuMu Farmland.

Now you will need to kill 5 MuMu Patrols or 5 MuMu Veteran Patrols. Nothing new just kill the MuMu here until you get all 5 kills then return to Tigg and turn in your quest. After you've turned in your quest to Tigg you will want to return to the MuMu Farmland and grind until level 14.

Once you reach level 14 you will want to head further west towards Basfelt Village. Before entering the village you will want to speak to Karl outside and accept his quest.

Karl's Location

After you get the quest from Karl you will want to continue west into Basfelt Village.

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