Find Mimic's Blood For Jermien - Baldur's Gate 2 Side Quest

Find Mimics Blood for Jermien

The Find Mimic's Blood for Jermien the Cowled Wizard begins by speaking with Jermien inside his house in Umar Hills. In order to access Umar Hills from the World Map you'll have to accept either the Investigate the Deaths in Umar Hills quest or The Hunt for Valygar Corthala quest. Both of these quests will add Umar Hills to your map and allow you to travel here.

Jermien's house is found on the eastern side of the Umar Hills zone; when you enter you'll automatically be thrown into dialogue with him. To begin this side quest you should ask him about the golem he is creating, he'll then bring up the fact that he needs some Mimic's Blood to complete it.

You can find Mimic's Blood from a Mimic - Jermien won't give you much details about where to find a Mimic but thankfully you can find one nearby in the Umar Cave. Umar Cave is found to the northwest of the town in Umar Hills, check out my Umar Hills Overview page if you need an exact location.

Umar Cave Entrance

Umar Cave is very small and the only enemy in it is the Mimic that we're looking for. Defeat it then open up the chest to claim the Mimic's Blood that we need, return this item to Jermien to complete this part of the quest. After giving the Mimic Blood to Jermien he'll complete the golem he is working on and it'll immediately become hostile to everyone in the room.

You'll want to quickly defeat the golem before it kills Jermien because that will result in you getting pretty much no reward at all. Saving Jermien's life from the golem will cause him to have a change of heart and allow his daughter to see Daar which is the best outcome and will net you the most EXP.