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Ghoul Town Overview - Baldur's Gate 2

Ghoul Town Outside Overview

Ghoul Town is one of the many different locations you can visit in the sewers beneath the Athkatla Temple District. In order to access this town you'll need to progress far enough along the Investigate and Destroy the Cult of the Eyeless side quest to unlock this map. This map (as well as a few others) can only be visited if you've progressed far enough into this quest.

To be more specific, in order to unlock this map you'll have to tell Tad in the Cult Hideout Map the phrase "The Eye is Blind". You can only learn this phrase from Sassar after you collect the first half of the Rift Device. After telling Tad the code he'll reveal the stairs in the Cult Hideout that will allow you to access this area.

When you first enter Ghoul Town you'll find yourself in the map area shown above. The only unique thing that happens here is there will be a talking Ghoul that mentions having to warn the mayor that intruders are here. You'll get some dialogue with the mayor in the adjacent room too, which is pictured below.


Ghoul Town Overview

In both Ghoul Town maps you're going to have to deal with Greater Mummies as well as Ghouls. The Greater Mummies can be a bit of an issue since they have a deadly poison that is applied with almost every single hit that they land. I strongly recommend you memorize a few Slow Poison spells on any Priests you have in your party that way you can more easily cure poisons on your characters.



The Brawling Hands: Better known as Gauntlets of Dexterity, these are one of the best in slot items that you can get during the Investigate and Destroy the Cult of the Eyeless side quest.

Theshal: Theshal is the 'mayor' of Ghoul Town and you'll get a brief amount of dialogue with him when you first enter this map. He will drop the 2nd best item you can find on this map, Skin of the Ghoul, which is a +4 Leather Armor that will give you bonus Saving Throws against Poison and Paralysis.



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