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How to get the Fang of Haynekhtnamet - Elder Scrolls: Morrowind

Fang of Haynekhtnamet in Morrowind

Location: Mamaea, Shrine of Pitted Dreams
Requirements: Able to open a lock level of 10
Video: Where to find the Fang of Haynekhtnamet

The Fang of Haynekhtnamet is a magical dagger which can be obtained from Mamaea, a dungeon found to the southeast of Gnisis. It's recommended you be at least level 30+ (depending on your difficulty) before entering this dungeon as you'll find many high level enemies.

You'll find the dagger we're after in a trough near a Dunmer priest by the name of Zula in the Shrine of Pitted Dreams portion of Mamaea. Next to the dagger in the trough you'll also find a Daedric Face of Inspiration and a pair of Ebony Boots.

Aside from the dagger you'll also find the Soul Ring Artifact in this dungeon, it drops from Dagoth Araynys in the Sanctum of Black Hope portion of this area.

Mamaea Map Location


Fang of Haynekhtnamet