How to get Black Hands Dagger - Elder Scrolls: Morrowind

Location: Vivec, Arena Canton Hidden Area (aka Morag Tong Guild Hall)
Requirements: Member of the Morag Tong & Completed all basic Writ quests
Video: How to get Black Hands Dagger

The Black Hands Dagger has one of the highest DPS ratios in the entire game due to the enchantment that comes with it. In order to get your hands on this dagger you'll need to be a member of the Morag Tong and you'll need to have completed enough of the guild quests to get the special requests from Eno.

In order to join the Morag Tong you'll need to talk with Eno Hlaalu in Vivec and complete an easy assassination quest. After that you will have to complete a total of 11 Writ quests, all of which are very easy. This will open up Eno Hlaalu's quests, of which you will need to complete 7 when you're finally awarded with the Black Hands Dagger.

UESP Execute Severa Magia Quest Entry