How to get Indoril Armor - Elder Scrolls: Morrowind

Ordinator with Indoril Medium armor

Location: Outside Kogoruhn // Any Ordinator
Requirements: N/A
Video: How to get a set of Indoril Armor

Indoril Armor is generally regarded as one of the best sets of Medium Armor in Morrowind and exceptionally easy to get your hands on. You've most likely seen this armor plenty of times while playing Morrowind since every Ordinator guard in the game is wearing it. Technically you can kill one of these Ordinators and steal their armor but there is a less violent way to get a full set of Indoril Armor.

Just outside of the dungeon of Kogoruhn you'll find the corpse of Feril Salmyn whose sporting an entire set of Indoril along with the Hair Shirt of Saint Aralor. This is (in my opinion) the easiest set of Indoril Armor for you to get in the game, unless you'd like to kill an Ordinator for your set.

Feril Salmyns Corpse
Corpse outside Kogoruhn with a full set of Indoril.

If you're capable enough to dodge all of the enemies in the area you can get this set of Indoril Armor without fighting anything. Although I would recommend you expect to fight some enemies and be at least levels 5 - 10 before trying to get this set of armor. You should also hang onto the Hair Shirt of Saint Aralor since it's used in a Tribunal Temple quest from Uvoo Llaren.