Hair Shirt of Saint Aralor Location - Morrowind

Feril Salmyns Corpse

Location: Kogoruhn
Requirements: N/A
Video: N/A

The Hair Shirt of Saint Aralor is an Artifact originally owned by the Tribunal Temple but was lost when an Ordinator by the name of Feril Salmyn traveled to Kogoruhn and got himself killed. You'll be asked to retrieve this item during the Hair Shirt of St. Aralor quest given to you by Uvoo Llaren at the Temple in Ghostgate. When you return to Uvoo Llaren with the item he'll allow you to keep it, so if you want to do his quests don't worry about losing the item.

As aforementioned you can find the Hair Shirt of Saint Aralor on the corpse of an Ordinator near the Hall of Phisto entrance into Kogoruhn. If you're looking at the door that leads into the Hall of Phisto then go around the building to the left and you'll run right into the Ordinator's body. Along with the shirt we're after there is also an entire suit of Indoril Medium Armor if you're interested.

Kogoruhn Map Location
Kogoruhn Map Location

Hair Shirt of Saint Aralor Ordinator Map Location

Hair Shirt of Saint Aralor