Diablo 2 Crafting Guides Index

Diablo 2 Crafting Guides

This is the index page for all of my Diablo 2 Crafting Guides. I have a page dedicated to every category of items that you can make with the Horadric Cube. Weapons and Armor, Jewelry, Potions, Gems, Runes and the Rare Crafted (Orange) items all get their own pages to make it easier to find the recipe you're looking for.

One thing my guides do differently than all of the other Horadric Cube recipes online is they come with pictures to make it easier on you. Forget what an Ist RuneIst Rune looks like? Instead of having to search through your entire stash staring at the item's name my guides provide you with a picture so you can locate it by image alone.

Below you'll find links to every page of Horadric Cube recipes on my website as well as links to additional guides I have written about Gambling with the Horadric Cube and even a list of all the Rune Words that you can craft in the game.


Horadric Cube Gem Recipes

Horadric Cube Potion Recipes

Horadric Cube Rune Recipes
- List of Armor Rune Words
- List of Helm Rune Words
- List of Shield Rune Words
- List of Weapon Rune Words

Horadric Cube Weapons and Armor Recipes
- Horadric Cube Gambling for Socket Recipes
- Horadric Cube How to Ebug Armor
- Horadric Cube Upgrading Weapons & Armor

Horadric Cube Rare Crafted Gear Recipes
- Blood Item Recipes
- Caster Item Recipes
- Hitpower Item Recipes
- Safety Recipes
- Best Recipes to Gamble for Rare Items

Horadric Cube Jewelry Recipes

Horadric Cube Misc Recipes

Horadric Cube Charm and Amulet Gambling