Elyos Leveling Guide Akarios Village 3 - 5

When you enter Akarios Village you will want to accept all of the quests here. You can tell an NPC has a quest because they will have a blue arrow over their head, or something similar.

Quest Icon

You'll want to do two things in town before leaving. One is buy your new skills, which you can buy a book from your class vendor that will teach them to you. Second is make sure you bind yourself to the Obelisk that is in town. This will make it so if you die you return here. Also when you use your Return skill you will return to this Obelisk.


Also, finally before leaving town you will want to make sure that you have all of the skills. Hit "J" to bring up your quest log. You should have 6 quests, although you will only have to worry about 4 of them atm. You will want to make sure the earliest level Campaign quest is clicked on as well as all quests in the quest log. This is what your quest log should look like:

Quest Log

Once you know you have all of the quests exit town to the north. When you leave town you will run into Muranes. She has a campaign quest for you (Which you can tell by the yellow arrow, instead of blue)

MuranesAkarios Village

Accept her quest to kill Smallhorn Kerub's. The Smallhorn Kerubs can be found west of Muranes at Ager's Farm. Look above for a location of where they are. Also, while you're running around keep your eye out for AriaAria. You will need to loot 10 of these for a quest, also they give you Crafting Skill ups which you will want to get to at least 15 since a quest will require it later.


Over at Ager's Farm you will want to kill Smallhorn Kerubs and also loot 5 Wind Barrels. Keep in mind that ONLY the Smallhorn Kerubs count towards this quest. As for the Wine Barrels, they can be found all over this area.

Smallhorn KerubWine Barrel

Once you're done both quests you will want to head back towards town. However, you will want to stop in the lake and kill the Airon birds for 6 pieces of Airon MeatAiron Meat.

Pinkbeak Airon

Once you're done all of your quests you will want to return to town and refresh your supply of quests. Before you leave town make sure you have "The Kerub Threat" and "Request of the Elim". Also, while turning in your quests in town, chances are you will ding level 4. So on your way out of town, be sure to accept the quest from Melampus. After you leave town, head directly north to the small area by Cilona Lake.

Cliona Lake

Here you will find a few fishermen. One of them nammed Feira will give you a quest called "To Fish in Peace". This quest will require you to kill 5 Brax as well as 5 Rakelaw Sinks. Both of these mobs can be found around and in the lake.

Brownbristle BraxRakelaw Slink

Once you have this quest continue over to Ager's Farm. Here you need to kill the Bigfoot Kerubars. They will drop Kerubar FangKerubar Fangs which you need for "The Kerub Threat". Here is a quick checklist of what you need:

[ ] Kill 5 Rakelaw Slinks
[ ] Kill 5 Brownbristle Brax
[ ] Kill Bigfoot Kerubar's for 5 Kerubar Fangs

Once you're done both quests return to Feira at the lake and turn in your quest. After you've turned in your quest return to town. Refresh your quest at Muranes then continue into Akarios Village. Turn in your quest to Kalio and buy any new skills you need. With new quests in hand you will want to head northeast towards Daminu Forest.

Daminu Camp Location

If you follow the path you will run into Pranoa, who has a quest for you. Accept his quest and continue to the purple "X" on my map.


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